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Requirements and  Business Process Assessment

Are your requirements development and management activities enabling you to deliver your project on-time? Is your organization maximizing the return on project investment?


EMcare Consulting will perform an assessment of your requirements and business analysis practices and business processes.  A comprehensive report of your organizations current requirements, business analysis and business process capabilities will be used to develop recommendations to help your organization meet project goals.
The detailed report will provide insight about:


  • Identification of organizational and individual gaps in requirements knowledge, skills and abilities

  • Report on the maturity of your requirements process, staff, practices, tools, and organization

  • Suggestions to meet objectives

  • Improve requirements processes and practices

  • Enhance the skills of your Business Analysts

  • Improve Client/Analyst/IT relations

  • Deploy a standardized, defined, repeatable and managed requirements and design process

  • Improve job satisfaction within the Business Analyst role

The analysis will start your organization on a targeted and prioritized initiative to:
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